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All General Forum Rules apply here.
Use this board for Auctions only.
Topics and replies in this section can't be modified or deleted.
You must know what you are participating in.
You need to make your Auction threads crystal clear with your terms and conditions at the time of making a thread, You just cannot add or change a condition after having some bids.
You may set a BIN [BUY IT NOW] but the person offering BIN needs to post it publicly on the Auction thread.
***You may set a Reserve Price for your Auction threads, If the bidders failed to reach the reserve price then thread Starter has the right to cancel the Bid if there was a Reserve set.
Bidder must publicly post the BID right in your Auction thread.
You need to deliver the product if the Auction has been won by a bidder, you just can't cancel it after..

*** For example! if the Auction Starts from 0.01BTC, minimum increment is 0.005BTC, BIN is 0.10BTC, and the Reserve Price is 0.05BTC, If bidding failed to reach at Reserve then thread starter has the right to cancel the Auction and starts it again in a new thread.

Make sure to give the details about the product you are Auctioning.
If its a Physical product then give shipping details to the buyer.
Visit your Auction thread regularly so that you can answer queries related to it.
Set an appropriate time for your Auction.
Mention your accepted payment methods in your Auction thread.

Buyer can post questions related to the item involving the auction.
Your Bids will not be modified or edited once you post them.
To keep tracking the Auction thread you are participating, make sure to Subscribe it.