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BCC Forum Guidelines

Adult Content: Pornographic images and video content are prohibited on all Boards. Anyone posting this will have their account privileges revoked. This includes links to porn sites and using any pornographic content as a personal avatar, etc. Additionally, graphic images or images of gore are also prohibited.

Forum Abuse: Bump posts, scrolling, and hyper-posting (posting many threads in a short period of time) are not allowed on our boards, and will result in a suspension of your account privileges. Additionally, threads made with the intent of being bumped daily or occasionally to the front page will be locked or deleted. There are far too many professional project teams to allow each of them their own thread. There will be designated threads for project discussions, and separate threads for significant crypto events and breaking news are encouraged.

Profanity (Thread Titles): Profanity should be kept out of all thread titles. It's fine within the content of a post, as long as it's not a flame or personal attack against a fellow member.

Moderation/Administrative Issues: The Boards are monitored Forum Moderators/Admins. Questions/Suggestions/Complaints regarding forum moderation and administration should be kept off the boards completely. You can send feedback by clicking the "Report Post" icon located below each post. Posting about these issues will likely result in a lengthy suspension of your account privileges. Such posts may include (but are not limited to) discussion of deleted posts, thread placements (moved to another forum), banned members, site policy, and forum policy. BCC MODERATION POLICIES ARE NOT UP FOR PUBLIC DEBATE.

Posting of Private Messages and Personal Information: PMs should remain private. Posting them on the boards may result in a ban of your account privileges (especially if it is posted in an attempt to flame or belittle someone). Posting someone's private information is also prohibited. "Private information" is defined by anything that is PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE, such as: Name, Address, Telephone Number, Case Number, Birthday, Social Security Number, Other ID Numbers, etc.

Forum Wars: Flaming of competing, crypto-related forums will not be tolerated on these boards. We require the posters on this site to be respectful of other forums.

Goodbye Posts/Threads: "Goodbye" threads and posts will be deleted. There's no need to tip your hat on the way out.

Site Responsibility: is NOT responsible for any monetary agreements that are posted on our boards. Money exchanges hands AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

Copyrighted Text: Do not post full-text copyrighted material on BitcoinFlag. You can post the title, the first paragraph (or a select few sentences) and a link to the source. Any full-text work will be deleted and a warning will be sent. Repeat warnings may be grounds for a temp ban. Repeated temp bans may lead to a perma ban. As a general rule, the posted amount should not exceed 5 sentences.

Forum Badges: Badges are meant to reward BitcoinFlag members' accomplishments. Any creation of fake badges in posts, avatars, or anywhere on the site will be removed and most likely result in an account suspension. Manipulating posts in the Forums to "earn" a Badge is prohibited and will also result in an account suspension.

Issues with Thread Titles: We made a separate category about this because people do it so often, and it's extremely annoying. DON'T post a thread title in all CAPS. Your post isn't more important than all the other posts in the forum, even if you think it is. Posts with titles in all caps may be deleted. Repeat violators of this rule will be suspended.

* Report Abuse: Members are encouraged to use the "Report Post" option for posts that break forum rules. These messages go directly to our Moderation Team.