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Perform the tasks to earn up to 500 FSM tokens.
100 tokens per person, 50 tokens for referral, up to 500 tokens.
Airdrop tokens distributed on April 12, 2020

All tasks are mandatory.
1: Join FSM on Telegram group
2: Join FSM on Discord
3: Follow FSM on Twitter and retweet
4: Follow FSM on Reddit and And discuss FSM tokens
5: Like FSM on Facebook and share
6: Discuss Fsmtoken in FSM forum
7: Comment on Forum
8: Submit your TRX wallet address

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From total supply of 1 billion FSM tokens, 50M are reserved for our Bounty program
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Blog and Media Campaign

Write articles (reddit / medium / steemit / website / facebook) or create a video presentation about FSM on your blog or other web-site

Low quality: 20 Stakes
Normal quality: 40 Stakes
Medium quality: 70 Stakes
Good quality: 100 Stakes

Articles should be original.
Articles must contain graphic material (images) and a link to FSM website or it's whitepaper.
Articles must have unique content (copying on announcement thread, bounty thread/news websites will not be allowed).
Articles must be accessible publicly.
Published articles must contain ETH wallet address written for verification of authorship.
Maximum of 5 (five) entries per participant only.
Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in disqualification.
Entries submitted will be graded depending on the audience reached, authenticity, and relevance to FSM.
Higher number of upvotes, articles views, and comments gets higher stakes.


Misc Campaign

Earn reward by translating posts and articles related to FSM and disseminate them on different websites and forums
Do community management in different languages and get rewarded
Design stickers and get reward in return
Earn FSM Tokens by discussing the advantages and disadvantages of BOOM and FSM at 4chan


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